Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Good Morning!

I open my eyes and wipe away the sleep. Focus...Blink...blink again...there you are! Your face right in mine. Eyes shut, hands neatly tucked under your soft chin. You seem to have been left here by angels for me to behold.

I cannot take my eyes off of you. Your beautiful, soft skin glows in the light of the morning. Perfection! I am compelled to touch you. I run the back of my hand over your cheek and you stir a bit but remain asleep. I touch your hand and it closes around my finger, tightly.

After a small stretch and a slight groan, you open your eyes. You smile...no...grin! Ear to ear! I melt.

"Good morning, Gabriel". You answer, in your own language (not yet known by me) "good morning daddy"