Friday, December 24, 2010

Resolutions and other urban myths (maybe a word on character)

With the new year fast approaching, people tend to think about resolutions. I happen to be one of them although I cannot for the life of me, remember one that I have kept. Quit smoking...NOT. Go to the gym...ha ha. But, I think this year is going to different. I believe that I will commit to a New Years' Resolution that is attainable. One that, I believe is monumental yet so basically simple that ANYONE could achieve it without even trying very hard.

I vow to purge all of the crap out of my life. To rid myself of all negativity. To get rid of anything that can bring me down or just plain ruin my day. I vow to stop letting others dictate my mood on certain days. They are my days and my moods and I will have complete control of them.

For reasons beyond my own comprehension, I have, in the past and occasionally, allowed other people to dictate my life to me. That is hereby OVER. Other than my children (who have complete control over me. hehe) there is NO ONE so important that I cannot say 'no" to.

And now a word on Character.

I have always tried to conduct myself in a way that is upstanding and truthful. Granted I have slipped, hard, from time to time but for the most part I concider myself to be a pretty decent guy.

There are people in my life who are not and I am sick and tired of having to deal with them. My father taught me to be honest in business as well as in my personal life. It is sometimes a struggle but I think people who know me and know how I do business would say that I am the guy who almost always takes the "high road". I will let the others around me deal dirty, lie cheat and swindle. I may not always (perhaps never) get rich this way but I will go to bed every night with a clear conscience and sleep very peacefully knowing that I tried to do right by the people that I deal with every day.

My father also taught me that a handshake is as good as any signature on any document. I know that lawyers will disagree and that I am REALLY naive in that aspect, but it is who I am and it is something that I am proud of. I could not bring myself to swear any oath and lie. I couldn't bring myself to blatantly lie to someone just to win something or get ahead of someone.

Now I am no saint. I am VERY FAR from perfect and God knows I have told my share of lies. I'm bad at it and I have always been found out and they have always blown up in my face. I have also learned my lessons from these mistakes and have tried very hard not to repeat them and hopefully that says something about me. or not. Whatever! I am who I am, and if who I am is someone who gets taken advantage of, abused in any way, or hurt, it is my own damn fault and I will deal.

The point I am trying to make here is that I hope to instill some semblance of good in my sons. To teach them the difference between right and wrong. To teach them that they MUST be honest with people they deal with and that this is NOT a winner take all life. It is NOT all about who dies with the most money or property or equity. I will teach them that it is far better to be respected than to be feared. That it is better to live your life with a clear conscience. That it is better to leave this world knowing that people loved you and remember you for the good in you. Not for how much of an asshole you were.

What will you teach your children? How will they remember you? What will be your legacy on this earth?

I have known quite a few men with character far beyond what mine will ever be. I have great respect for these men and much admiration. I can only hope that my sons turn out more like them and I will name a few of them now. If you know them then you will surely agree. If you don't, beat a path to their doors and introduce yourself. You'll be better for it

Richard Sagar
Ron Guntert
Jerry Butterfield
Douglas Bradley
Larry Jaffee
Richard Bellof
Jeremy Gray
Damon Burke

Ther are many more than would fit into this space but these are the few that come to mind at this late hour. If I missed you I apologize You know who you are. (trust me they do and wouldnt admit it anyway)

Happy and prosperous new year to al of my friends.