Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Books You Need

After writing last weeks tome, I started thinking about books. I mentioned Joan Roca's book and, believe me, this is a book that any chef would be crazy not to own.

Let me say that I own approximately 700 cookbooks and books on and about food. I have read every one of them and have gleened unfathomable knowledge from them. Those books are my school, my hobby, my apprenticeship and my part of my passion. I will leave them to my children.

Anyone interested in cooking as a career or as a hobby will have a certain number of their favorite books that they constantly refer to for recipes or inspiration. At this point in my career and with my experience, I still refer to my library for inspiration on either presentation, product or technique. I'm lost without it.

It is in this vein that I offer the "list".

Escoffier - The bible of cooking. EVERY chef has it

Larousse Gastronomique - runner up to the Escoffier book. Again, Every chef has it.

Jacques Pepin's La Technique

Julia Childs' French Chef Book

Art Culinaire - Quarterly publication that is vital to any chef wanting to learn what all of the top chefs in the world are creating NOW. Fantastic stuff!

My last supper - Melanie Dunea. What a great compilation of "Last meal choices" by some of the worlds' best chefs

ANYTHING that Charlie Trotter writes.

Again, ANYTHING Rick Tramonto writes. This man is probably my favorite chef in the U.S.

El Bulli Cookbook by Ferran adria. Of course it'll set you back about $400 (and there are three of them) but it's money well spent. I recommend that you use your Ecomonic stimulus money for this one.

Alinea - Grant Aschatz. Art on a plate

Of course there are hundreds more but these are, in my opinion, the essentials. Happy shopping!

More Stuff: I am working on my next submission. Should be done in a couple of days. Last week I went to a Prosciutto party. No...we didn't eat it...WE MADE IT!!! What a great day! I have photos and a play by play. Lots of fun.

200+ for valentine's day so far. Should be a fabulous night.

New menu is rolling out after "V" day. I'll keep you up to date on that as well.

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sara friedman said...

hello good sir!
i love the book list...and i'll try to peruse through el bulli when and if i can find one out of its shrink wrap at a book store...hmmm...
that being said......i just picked up "the devil in the kitchen"....marco pierre white......can't put it down!.....not a cookbook for the list but certainly a good book......
i'm no longer with stone.....quality went down and it was time to jump ship....i'm working at a grocery store and trying out the personal chef biz for a bit...i do miss the line though....also in the process of applying for internships through wrc......

i miss you!