Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wine dinner and other random crap

After last minute prep day, the Stagg's leap wine makers dinner was a great success. Guests feasted on Seared Blue fin tuna with compressed melon and Panganisian Sea salt - A salad of fresh summer fruits with a poppy seed and lime dressing (big hit) - Sous vide Dover sole scented with Tahitian vanilla and served with compressed Greens - Prosciutto wrapped Quail and a dessert of Raspberry injected chocolate pots du creme. (The wine wasn't bad either! hehe)

My halibut dish is a big hit and I think I'm gonna menu it for my upcoming summer menu revisions. It is Roasted with clarified butter and finished with a saute of heirloom tomatoes and asparagus with basil and Arbiquina olive oil.

Speaking of heirloom tomatoes, Mine are taking off like wild fire. The sweet 100's are growing like crazy and I have been harvesting about 2 pounds a week now, for the past three weeks.

The Brandywines and Green striped ones are starting to come in now and it looks like I'm gonna get about 30 pounds of them. Crazy. The ones I've picked so far are like sugar bombs. Really tasty
Sadly, I only got 1 artichoke and that was anemic at best. Better luck next year I guess. Almost as bed as the corn. Not being a professional farmer, I think I left the corn on the stalks a week too long and the corn I managed to pick was dried out and tough.

On a lighter note, Gabriel has gotten his front, top two teeth and has also found his tongue. Pretty freaking funny to watch him play with his tongue while he crawls around. He sticks it out and wags it a lot. Being 17 years since Zack was that little, I forgot how fun this is. I'm a dork, I know, but babies are an everlasting source of joy for me.

Next wine makers dinner is with Grands Amis. If you can make it to this one, you will have the privelege of hearing Jonathan Wetmore speak about his winery and about Lodi wine. He is a dynamic speaker with a great passion for Lodi wine. His wines are fantastic and I'm going to have a very special menu to pair with it.

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